Our patent-pending EEV tool is the simple process of electronically cross-referencing an applicant's employment experiences without making any phone calls or sending any emails, also known as Electronic Employment Verification. This new technology is the gateway to inspiring applicant integrity and ethical application processes. Exaggerated and redacted work histories will soon become obsolete. Social security numbers are not permitted nor stored.

Why Referee

Tired of prospective employees exaggerating their prior experience or omitting a reference where they exhibited harmful behaviors? Having difficulty verifying basic employment or salary history? Expending needless staff hours for verifications? Our patent-pending EEV™ technology will change that. R.E.F.S.™ is America's first and only universal electronic employment reference service that reveals job references the applicant discloses and the ones they omit. Financial service providers can verify both employment and salary with one online search. With the information required to substantiate resume, applicant, and income data available 24/7/365 electronically, the hiring and approval process will become quite a more seamless one.

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  • Legal Business Name
  • Legal Business Address
  • Legal Business Structure
  • Verifiable Business Phone Number(s)
  • Federal Tax ID/Employer EIN
  • Business Category
  • Approximate Employee Count
  • Permissible purpose
  • Corporate Resolution or other verification designating the responsible party
  • 1 form of Identification or Identity Verification for responsible party 
  • Acknowledgement of User End License Agreement and Subscriber User Agreement
  • Acknowledgement of Addendum to Subscriber User Agreement for debt collectors.
  • Business License*
*Employers must be licensed by governing agency to conduct business. Physical documentation may be required for any information that is unverifiable through digital sources, but could be provided to expedite processing. Click to view Billing Terms and User End License Agreement. All applications are independently verified.
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