Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is Referee™ a credit reporting agency?
    No. Referee™ is a not a credit reporting agency, does not score applicants, and plays no part in the employment decision-making process.
  2. What if the information being shared is inaccurate?
    Prospective employees/applicants must first contact the supplier of the data to dispute inaccuracies. You may also request a copy of your Employment Data File by completing our Employment Data File Request Form, which can be downloaded from our Downloadable Forms page.
  3. What if the applicant and prospective employer remain in disagreement regarding the information contained in R.E.F.S.™?
    The applicant may then contact Referee™ regarding the specific disputed record and the employer will be independently contacted. Referee™ notifies Subscribers that the data will be suppressed until verified. If the information is verifiable by document, the record will remain. If the record is in any way unverifiable, it will be deleted.

    To initiate a dispute, applicants must first retrieve a copy of their file by completing our Employment Data File Request form. They may then write a letter of dispute to the address provided in their consumer file.
  4. What if an applicant has been a victim of identity theft?
    For prospective employees who have been victims of identity theft, they will be required to complete and sign an FTC forgery affidavit, have it notarized, and forward to Referee™ with designated supporting documentation for investigation. This information will be shared with the furnisher. If the applicant maintains that the information is fraudulent, Referee™ will conduct its own internal investigation and make a final decision regarding removal or correction.
  5. Is there a fee to verify employment through Referee™?
    There is a negligible cost associated with accessing R.E.F.S.™. However, Referee™ does not verify employment. Referee™ stores data that Subscriber Employers can cross reference with information provided by job applicants or for any other legally permissible purpose.
  6. Can anyone share employee data with Referee™?
    No. Referee™ has strict requirements regarding employers who wish to share employee data. Each prospective Subscriber must be able to authenticate, by document, their business entity and existence, and if called upon to do so, verify the supplied employee reference. Referee™ conducts rigorous ethical and professional verifications to maintain its integrity and to protect prospective job applicants against a possible unfavorable reference.
  7. What if my previous employer doesn’t share data with Referee™? Will I be denied employment?
    Referee™ is not involved with employment decisions and does not make recommendations to prospective employers regarding the veracity of applicant statements and/or application data. Referee™ makes data contained within its database available. There are many reasons an employer may elect not to share data with Referee™, including but not limited to: cost, defunct status, or legal issues. If an employer does not share data with Referee™, no record will exist within our database.
  8. Is the R.E.F.S.™ database open to the general public?
    No. Any entity with employees or individual conducting business with employees must apply to access our Subscriber database.
  9. How can we contact Referee™ if we have more questions?
    You may contact us toll free at 833-TRY-REFEREE, email us at or chat with us live on the site
  10. Will you pull my credit report?
    No. Hard personal credit pulls are not performed as part of the application/approval process, though a Business Credit Report may be obtained for verification purposes. Our decisions are not credit-based.
  11. Where are you located?
    Our legal correspondence address is located in Santa Ana, CA and our main headquarters is located in Lancaster, CA, USA
  12. Do you have brochures?
    We have multiple brochures that explain our services and features. Please, request via email at If you prefer, provide your name and address, and we can send them via US Mail.
  13. What's your website? is our corporate website. Our corporate blog is
  14. What's your phone number?
    Contact us toll free at 833-TRY-REFEREE
  15. How long have you been in business?
    Referee, Inc. launched in 2018.
  16. What makes you different from other companies who offer similar services?
    Referee, Inc.’s patent-pending form of Electronic Employment Verification™ differs from any competitors in many ways: 1.) Results are not domain based. 2.) The shared platform makes for a more saturated database of employers. 3.) Our verifications may reveal job references the applicant has chosen to omit from their resume. 4.) Our verifications are a one-sweep process where an employer needs only to conduct one search per applicant.
  17. How does your billing terms work?
    Potential Subscribers can select from monthly or annual recurring billing terms. Both terms continue on a recurring basis unless the Subscriber cancels their subscription plan, which can be accomplished from their Dashboard.
  18. Do you have a referral or reward program?
    Yes, our Lineman Essential™ Business Referral Program will offer up to one free year of premium services per successful referral. More details are available by emailing This program is slated for launch in March 2019.
  19. What is manual data conversion and how much does it cost?
    Manual Data Conversion is the process of Referee’s Analysts processing and converting a Subscriber Employers employee data records into our R.E.F.S.™ database. The cost is dependent upon the amount of records being processed. More details are available by emailing
  20. If Divergence™ is free, do we need to give payment information?
    Our Divergence™ Plan is completely free and payment details are not required during the application process.
  21. Do you offer international services?
    We do not currently offer any services to employers who are based in foreign countries. This is a feature that is currently under development.


  1. Is a contract required to subscribe to Referee’s services?
    An agreement must be acknowledged, but there is no financial contract required. Subscribers may cancel their Subscriber account/services at any time.
  2. Is credit required for your services?
    No. Credit is not required.
  3. Are your decisions credit-based?
    No. Credit is not considered nor required. All decisions are based on employer business data being validated.
  4. Do you offer a free demo?
    We do not currently offer a demo. However, our Divergence™ plan is a completely free plan that allows approved Subscriber Employers to share their data for free and navigate the R.E.F.S.™ database.